Dave Matthews Band

September 25, 2012

Register to Vote!

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, Dave Matthews Band today released an updated edition of the “Mercy” video with a special message from Dave about voting and an embedded link to HeadCount.org’s voter registration page .

This release is part of the first ever National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) and will bring together volunteers, artists, celebrities, organizations and corporations for a single day of coordinated efforts around voter registration. NVRD was established to help make voting easier and more universal. In 2008, 75 million Americans eligible to vote didn’t, many because they weren’t registered. This video is being released because, as it states in the opening text and in the chorus of the song, “One by one we can turn it around.” The Mercy video is being featured on Youtube.com’s home page as part of the day’s events. Register to vote now headcount.org/mercy!