Dave Matthews Band

July 9, 2011

Jeff Coffin & the Mu’tet LIVE CD and 7/10 Set at the DMB Caravan Chicago

Jeff Coffin and his group, the Mu’tet, have just self-released a new CD. Jeff Coffin & the Mu’tet – LIVE! Featuring, JC, Jeff Sipe, Felix Pastorius, Kofi Burbridge, Bill Fanning, Mike Seal & Chris Walters. Available on tour and at earuprecords.com. On tour this summer including DMB/Chicago Caravan, Colorado, Brazil, Toronto, NYC, and more! Check out Jeff’s website for more info, www.jeffcoffin.com.

Don’t miss Jeff Coffin Mu’tet’s set at the DMBCaravan.com in Chicago on Sunday, July 10th on the Slip Stage from 1:45-2:30pm!