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January 11 | 2021

Dave Matthews Is Special Guest On Jane Goodall’s Hopecast, Episode 2

We are excited to announce that Dave Matthews will be a special guest on Jane Goodall’s Hopecast, episode 2! To listen, tune in on or other preferred podcast channels on Tuesday January 12 and spread the hope.

Dr. Jane Goodall and Dave Matthews have been friends for many years and their admiration and respect for one another is easy to hear in this lovely exchange of two phenoms. What they see in one another is a mutual conviction to use their innate abilities - storytelling and music, respectively - to connect people across identities, and inspire action on behalf of essential issues like animal welfare, the climate crisis, conservation, and human rights. This provocative talk takes you inside this precious friendship and the story of how each of us can use our own abilities, whatever they may be, to make a positive difference every single day.

At the End of the Rainbow: Stay to the end of the episode to hear a rare archival clip of Dave Matthews playing a tribute to Jane as she sits on stage with him.