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June 5 | 2019

Dave Matthews Band Designated As UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador

The United Nations Environment Programme has designated Dave Matthews Band as a Goodwill Ambassador for their powerful environmental advocacy and large-scale engagement of their fanbase to take action for the planet. They are the first band ever to receive this recognition. "It's desperate times, and we all need to work together to have hope for the future, hope for our children, and hope for the planet,” stated Dave Matthews at the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassadorship ceremony at their St. Louis tour stop. Watch Now.

The band and nonprofit partner REVERB have been working together since 2005 on the BamaGreen Project – an ambitious set of environmental efforts undertaken by the band on the road, in the studio, and at home, as well as the education, mobilization and resulting actions of DMB fans around the globe. Click here for more information about the Bama Green Project.

Entering the 15th year of the DMB/REVERB partnership, the band and the nonprofit have calculated the impact of their efforts and released a comprehensive report detailing the results of their work.  Their efforts have led to REVERB becoming UN Environment’s Music and Public Engagement Partner - harnessing the power of music to unite millions of fans around the globe to tackle today’s most pressing environmental issues.  A comprehensive report of the DMB/REVERB partnership is available here. Please also visit to learn more about REVERB.

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