Dave Matthews Band

November 23, 2011

Blenheim Vineyards 2010 Painted Red + Painted White Pre-sale Event

Blenheim Vineyards is excited to announce the 2010 Painted Red + Painted White Pre-Sale event! We’ve just received Dave’s new labels for Painted Red and Painted White and are ready to get them out to you. The 2009 Painted Red and White sold out quickly (remember the boots?), so this year we wanted to offer you the opportunity to buy the wines before they are available anywhere else.

For two weeks (November 21st – December 5th) we will sell 3-packs (2 red, 1 white) and whole cases of Painted Red and Painted White before they are released for sale. If you order during the pre-sale, you will receive your wine during the week of December 12th, before it is available anywhere else AND you will receive a limited edition, screen printed, numbered handbill. Ten random handbills will be signed by Dave Matthews! The 2010 Painted Red + Painted White Pre-sale is the ONLY time the handbills will be available. Visit Now to see the new label and purchase your pre-sale trio or pre-sale cases at the Blenheim Vineyards online store. If you prefer to pick up your wine at Blenheim, you can do so between December 12th and December 17th.