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June 26 | 2020

DMB Drive-In Concert: 7/24/2018 Charlotte, NC

Tune in for another episode of the DMB Drive-In series on Wednesday, July 1st at 8pm ET with a full live performance of the Dave Matthews Band concert at PNC Music Pavilion  in Charlotte, NC on July 24, 2018.

The spotlight organization for this episode is the Preservation Hall Foundation. Through the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief Project, Spotify will match all donations to Preservation Hall Foundation dollar for dollar.

The Preservation Hall Foundation was established in 2011 to protect, preserve and perpetuate New Orleans music traditions. Preservation Hall was opened by Allan and Sandra Jaffe in 1961 to celebrate the music and musicians of New Orleans. Preservation Hall is normally open 360 days a year, with members of our Musical Collective performing 3-7 shows per night for upwards of 170,000 people annually.

Since mid-March, the Hall has been closed, and the Collective of 60 musicians are without work and without income. Without these men and women, there is no Preservation Hall. Since the nationwide closures and cancellations brought on by COVID-19, the Legacy Program Emergency Relief Fund was established to help provide financial assistance and support to the 60 members of the Musical Collective.  And thanks to Spotify’s COVID-19 Music Relief initiative, all donations will be MATCHED, dollar for dollar, while matching funds last.  Please visit to learn more.

Visit to make a donation to Preservation Hall Foundation.

Click here to learn more about the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief Project.