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February 26 | 2010

10.24.1996 Austin, TX New DMBlive Release Available For Download

1996 was an exceptional year for DMB with the hugely successful release of Crash; an extensive North American tour, a Europe tour and HORDE Festival run plus a performance at Jazz Fest, SNL and Letterman. DMB performed a great show at the University of Texas, Austin in October of that year which we've selected as the next DMBlive release. The setlist features a fairly even representation of Crash and Under the Table and Dreaming. Highlights include the #41 opener into Say Goodbye featuring beautiful flute work of LeRoi's. One of our favorite parts is Recently>Water Into Wine into Typical Situation. The Austin show features a solo acoustic double encore by Dave of Little Thing and All Along the Watchtower and represents the last time Dave performed Watchtower solo at a full band show. The entire show has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety at