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    Aug   23

    University of California, Berkeley - Greek Theatre

    Berkeley, California, US


    The public on sale begins February 7, 10AM local time.

    Click here for tickets.

    Show Time: 7:00 PM

    Opening Acts

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    Comments (4)

    1. Flash925 says:

      Did I miss out on the pre-sale?

    2. sewingvixen says:

      Is there a pre-sale for the Berkeley shows??

    3. I’ve been wanting to see DMB live for many years now but haven’t discovered tour dates in Montana. I am traveling to the San Francisco Bay area this August for a 30 yr class reunion and thought I’d see if DMB would be in the area. And as luck would have it, you’re playing in Berkeley! I thought to myself “AWESOME” and immediately went to purchase tickets. $75. That seems steep but I will budget and am willing to pay the price for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see one of, in my opinion, the most soulful, thoughtful music performers I’ve discovered thus far. But alas, I learn the concert is sold out. So I search a little more and “YEAH” I found tickets…but they are $121.97 with 350 still available. Why? Why has the price risen over $40? How are hard-working-struggling-to-remain-middle-class people who are treading water in this inequitable economic climate suppose to have access to the energy you create during a live performance? It’s quite disappointing. It feels as if, like so many other beautiful and hopeful opportunities in this world, people like me who work for social change instead of dollars are priced out of the inspiration you wish to convey. If you only knew what your lyrics and rhythms mean to folks like me. Damn. How can DMB create a live performance climate that allows equal access without focusing so much on how much money can be made? How can DMB level the playing field? I was so disappointed when the thought crossed my mind “can it be that it’s always about the money? Even for them?” The hope, energy and inspiration of the live DMB should be affordable for all.


      Courtney Lehman
      Livingston, MT

    4. Chicago says:

      I completely agree Courtney.
      I live in Chicago and was only able to see the first night because I wasn’t willing to support Scalping. Tickets for the Saturday show were =never= available on Ticketmaster/Live Nation– I tried to buy right when the presale started, and right when the general sale started, and many other times and they were just never there.
      I am grateful to the real fan who sold me night one tickets at his original cost, but it shouldn’t be this way.
      Why does the band choose venues that aren’t big enough to accommodate all its fans? Why does the band not seem to care about keeping access affordable?


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