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    Jul   02

    Marcus Amphitheater - Summerfest

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US


    Tickets are available through the Citi Presale, February 3 @ 10AM – February 6 @ 10PM ET. Visit citiprivatepass.com.

    The public on sale begins February 7, 10AM local time.

    Click here for tickets.

    Show Time: 7:00PM

    Opening Acts

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    Comments (13)

    1. Seriously! Only one show at the Marcus which is not a good venue. You guys always say you love playing at Alpine! Plus it’s over $70 for one ticket!!!!! Dave weekend at Alpine was always my favorite weekend of the whole year. It meant tailgating, great friends, and a fantastic show. Guess not this year.

    2. I’m going to have to agree with Missy, please do Alpine again next year.

    3. yea, I agree too. I have been to 3 shows already and all of them were at alpine. half of the fun is tailgating with all of other fans for the day. Oh well it’s been about ten years since I have been to summerfest so I am looking forward to an awesome day

    4. hvanhouten says:

      I have to agree with everyone. I have seen DMB every year since my first concert in 1995 at Marcus Amphitheater……..so I almost made a 20 year reunion at the same spot! However, I come home every year from Nashville to see DMB at Alpine. Alpine is like no other venue. It even gives The Gorge a run for its money! We are very disappointed they are not playing at Alpine and we have lost half of our group for the show this year. There will still be a couple of us going to Marcus but it won’t be the same. Can’t miss Dave no matter where they play in WI! PLEASE play Alpine next year. We love DMB! Thanks!

    5. DMB at Alpine Valley for the weekend is simply magical.. beyond disappointed this will not be happening this summer. Will still be supporting Dave at Summerfest, though.

    6. nschreib says:

      Looking for a place to stay for DMB at Summerfest? Try McIntyre’s Resort, its about a 35-40 min drive from Milwaukee with great prices and is right on the lake. Rowboats are free that you can use throughout the lake. Also food and drinks are sold throughout the day. There are cabins to rent or you can pitch a tent. I came in from CA and was absolutely amazed by this quaint resort. Would recommend this 100% to anyone! Their telephone number for reservations is (262)728-9313

    7. bmd2112 says:

      Rejoice! the boys didnt tour two years ago. what did you to then? Yes, I like alpine, saw them with Grace P last year. But Summerfest is damn fun. Find new friends, organize a tailgate party at a park, put it on FB and see how many good strangers show up. Or go see them for 2 days in Chicago and bite your lip!

    8. RyanDMB4Ever says:

      Dave Matthews Band please play All Along The Watchtower at 2014 Summerfest on July 2nd, 2014 and my life will be complete!

    9. rcappell75@gmail.com says:

      I don’t care where you play as long as I can see you guys! My requests for this show would be for you to play Gaucho, Stay, Don’t Drink the Water, Jimmy Thing, and one from every album ;) thank you. Everytime I hear your music it just makes me smile and puts me in a better mood. I have been a fan for 20 years!! Thank you for being a part of my world with your music.

    10. rcappell75@gmail.com says:

      oh and please play #41 PLEASE!! THANK YOU :)

    11. Jay21 says:

      The things that I’d do to hear dave play “sweet” from his newest album. PLEASEEEE! Would make my life

    12. I have 2 tickets for Dave and summerfest! Email me at prizmofcolors.com if interested

    13. wilson1986 says:

      Please bring Bela Fleck, too!


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