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    Jun   11

    Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

    Darien Center, New York, US


    Tickets are available through the Citi Presale, February 3 @ 10AM – February 6 @ 10PM ET. Visit citiprivatepass.com.

    The public on sale begins February 7, 10AM local time.

    Click here for tickets.

    Show Time: 7:00PM

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    Comments (10)

    1. My son is a die hard Dave Matthews band fan, and has been to every Dave Matthews concert in NY in the last several years. My son and his fiancée will be a the Wednesday, June 11. 2014 concert at Darien Lake, NY. They are getting married that Saturday, June 14th, 2014. It would be an incredible surprise for them if a song could be dedicated to them at this concert. Their names are Dave Lee and Katelyn Scott. Thank you. I can be reached at stckn60s@yahoo.com

    2. Greg Kahle says:

      I am in the US Army, and I’ve been overseas for almost a year and a half. I’m coming home on leave for two weeks and going to this concert. I don’t want recognition. I’ve loved DMB since I was a kid but growing up I never had the opportunity to go to a concert. This is going to be my first DMB concert and I would really appreciate it if “Ill Back You Up” could be played.

    3. I have been a Dave fan since I was a kid but have lived in St. Lucia for the past eight years and I have never heard Crush live. Your guys song is so beautiful and this would truly make myself and so many others so happy…. Thank you if you could make this happen!

    4. spacecowboy716 says:

      I really hope to hear “the space between”
      The one I refer to as my soul mate introduced me to the song in 2011. Like it was written for us. Each line speaking to our broken and bruised hearts. This is my first DMB Concert and probably her 23rd. I dont know if she will be there. But if she is I hope its played. Just once more for my heart to find some closure. Just once more to hear it knowing she is hearing it the same time.

    5. h.j.p says:

      Hi everybody!

      I’m a german, recently staying in toronto who soo wants to see the concert in darien lake and has a ticket, but no clue how to it and back. I am able to get to buffalo tomorrow but i have no idea how to get to the concert from there and back to buffalo afterwords.
      Anyone going from buffalo who could give me a ride maybe?! Of course I could give you some money for fuel.
      PLEASE contact me.

    6. Meg says:

      Beyond excited to see DMB in Darien Lake for my birthday tomorrow!

    7. Louis Sedia says:

      Sooo last year I asked for Let You Down and Fonzie teased it…….at the next show >_< Soooooomaybe a lil Let you down this year?! Merci. Can't Wait!!

    8. I’m not exactly sure who reads this, but I go to Fairport High-school. Just last year a student at our school lost his battle to cancer. His name is Blake Cognata. In his final moments, the doctors asked him to chose the last song he’d like to hear. He chose Lie in Our Graves. It would be amazing to honor Blake by playing this at the concert. It would mean the world to our community and to Blake.

    9. jdeer19 says:

      I have been seen Dave at Darien Lake all but 2 years since 2008. I think it has rained and poured all but one of those years! I can wait. It is to storm again about 7pm. SHOWTIME!!

      The best concert I have been to was in 2009 when the power cut out during the 3rd song Granny!!! They played through and when the power came back they were right back into it “Love, Baby, Love, Baby” and the place went absolutely NUTS!!! It was awesome!!! It brings tears to my eyes everytime I listen to the show!! I love DAVE!!! I think My umbrella has a hole in it. Fuck it!!! I love DAVE!!!

    10. Joey Golba says:

      Hey jdeer19 if you get this message can you let me know were you found a copy of the dave show at darien lake in 2009….I was at that show section 100 2 rows from the stage, TRUE STORY…..I actually bought these tickets for me and my girlfriend from a scalper the day of the show for 225 for both tickets. Now we go every year with like 30 people, if you go to google and type in bufflo.com dave matthews pictures we are the main picture out of 16 pages of pictures to get you into the picture for the dave show….anyways… not even knowing at the time of buying the tickets we ended up getting 2 tickets sitting right next to 4 of are friends that was with us and when the power went out and dave kept playing like thinking in his head….power…we dont need no stinking power to rock this place….and kept playing right until the power went back on and did not even m iss a beat……well lets just say i would love to listen to this whole concert again but i just get to watch clips from youtube….I have been going to dave shows since 1999 and have been to many and this was by far a favorite…..can you please let me know were you get the full concert from thank you


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