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    Jul   24

    Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

    Charlotte, North Carolina, US


    Opening Acts

    John Butler Trio

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    Comments (19)

    1. Hey Dave and the band! I am a 19 year old Vocal Performance major at the University of Florida. I am working at a camp in Hendersonville, NC this summer. I am taking 2 days off to hear you guys perform. You are my all time favorite band and I know every word to every song. My dream one day is to meet you guys and maybe even jam if I am lucky. You do amazing things Dave and are someone I look up to on a daily basis. I cannot wait to see you tonight!!! I will be in section 1 singing every word. THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!

    2. Wes cardwell says:

      The Verizon amphitheater in Charlotte was evacuated last night due to a tremendous thunderstorm. Over half the audience left. I believe we need a reschedule performance.

    3. jrbennett55 says:

      Last night was one of the worst organized events ever held at Verizon Amphitheater. They had ONE will call window open and had 3000 people in line, in the rain and then in a lightning storm, maybe more, will call for the band had 3 windows open and nobody in line, somebody made a major F**K UP!!!!!!!!!. On top of that we were not allowed to print off our tickets at home which contributed to the whole mess. The weather was obviously out of there control but they did a crappy job of informing the audience what was happening, apparently everybody with a lawn seat was evacuated and told to wait in the car. How were we supposed to know if we were able to come back in ? They owe us all refunds or another concert, we alll paid a lot of money for tickets, sat in thunderstorms, and got screwed over because of poor planning by the event organizers. If anyone has any information for those of us who sat in the rain with crying and dissapointed kids please share it on here. Thanks Jason

    4. Barb Glamser says:

      I haven’t been to a concert in years. I chose tonight and this one because I love the music created by DMB. I did enjoy the opening act as well as DMB. I chose the break between acs to make a pit stop. It was very unfortunate timing for me. I was caught in a down-pour. The crowd not under a roof poured into the aisles not only causing me great difficulty to get back to my seat but causing a dangerous situation. The customers on the lawn were told to go to their cars while nothing was done about evacuating the aisles for safety. We sat or stood and waited about an hour from the time the opening act concluded. Even though I was under the roof I was soaked and the rain fell horizontally at times. I realize this is an outside theatre but some means should have been in place to keep the aisles clear before the first drops began and not 1-hr after the show resumed. I didn’t stay for the entire show because I had a long drive home alone. I left disappointed that I didn’t get to hear at least one song from Dave’s start. I haven’t been well this year and going to a concert was on my to do list. Overall enjoyed the music, but not a good night. Sorry Dave, not your fault, blame the weather and Live Nation.

    5. artyhenderson says:

      Obviously this is not DMB’s fault about the weather, but from my perspective this is exactly how it went down: We pull up to the venue and park, try to walk inside with our lawn tickets, were told “we need to EVACUATE” and were not let in. Now when I called the venue this morning they say “It was only POSTPONED and not canceled so you cannot get your money back.” That’s fine if we had been inform it was only going to be postponed, but when you go around telling everyone to EVACUATE..well that has a much different meaning. After just getting back from Phish in Chicago and having the 1st show canceled 1/2 way through, I expect a little more effort into fixing a bad situation. Phish not only refunded some of the money (even though the weather was not their fault either), but played an extra set of music the next day. How bout hook us up Dave? maybe another Charlotte show?…something, anything?

    6. britanniam says:

      The situation last night was very unfortunate. Though, as we were told to evacuate over a loud speaker that was not very informing, it’s unreasonable to tell us now that it was just postponed. Concerts also never have “end times,” so how were we supposed to know to stay? Or for how long?

      For a $40 ticket, I’d hope that we’d have some better communication or some type of refund/reimbursement. For anyone that traveled to come see the show, it’s very upsetting Not the band’s fault, but I’d hope theyd understand a lot of great fans were put out last night.

    7. Though it had nothing to do with the band or performance, last night was the worst concert experience I’ve ever had. I understand that the rain could not be prevented. However, the communication with fans on the lawn was very poor, there was not enough shelter for all the people to avoid the rain, and the venue took advantage of people by charging for cheap plastic rain ponchos. They owe us at least a 50% refund, and if we don’t get it, we should probably get the BBB involved. Please post on here if you find out how lawn ticketholders can get some kind of compensation.

    8. Wes cardwell says:

      DMB just needs to slide on back into Charlotte in a few weeks and play the concert that they should have cancelled in the first place. When half your fans evacuate the arena as they were told. SHOW OVER!

    9. my wife and I are big fan of Dave Matthews band, and you go every year when they come to Charlotte NC, is our date night, but this Year, Very disappointed with the band , I think they didn’t care about who was at the show this pass show! July 24th 2013, it was the shorts show we ever seeing! also I’m a musician ” reinaldobrahn.com ” I’m will say something that I know! the band played probable 10 songs, every music was so FAST! I mean fast playing in some of the songs I thought that Dave wouldn’t be able to sing , like ” Ants Marching” , so Fast! the last song was ” Shake Me Like A Monkey ” OMG! so FAST that I thing Dave could not sing and play at the same time. I thing because it Rains and the band Delay over 40 minutes, so I think they just thought about their pockets and not in the people who stayed the entire time to see them! also, what is about “Tim Reynolds ” he doesn’t fits in this band man! W F!
      the guy has no feel! with him is all about notes and speed! no soul! he doesn’t know how to built a SOLO! sometimes just because you know the guy for a long time doesn’t mean that you have to put the guy in your band! you guys know better than that! speed without creativity! sometimes you have a lot money and fame, but not the right player!
      here is my thoughts about how it sound in here , and I know that you guys could do better!
      Reinaldo Brahn!

    10. Paul Hutsell says:

      I understand it sucked for those in the rain, but that is clearly not DMB’s fault. If anything you should be thanking DMB for waiting for the rain to subside before even taking the stage! Yes the promoter/announcer should have chosen his words more carefully, but if you were truly a DMB fan you would have stayed anyways as there were many who did. @Reinaldo why don’t you take a look at the setlist before saying something about it and no one asked your opinion over Reynolds being in the ban!
      This was an amazing concert hands down, if you left that’s on you as DMB waited to play. Just saying.

    11. Nate Day says:

      A partial refund for lawn seats should be given. We were told to evacuate! The safety of the fans should always be first priority and “If you were truly a DMB fan” and waited to possibly be struck by lightening then that says something about your mentality. No show is worth that. Did they have people come to the parking lot to inform the customers in their cars that the show would start again? Take a little lesson from the Jimmy Buffett show.

    12. chfaith013 says:

      I really hope DMB will come back to play or either the venue needs to refund all or part of our ticket costs. If customer satisfaction was #1 to the venue and if Daves Fans were #1 to him like they should be, something should be done since we were evacuated and then not even told they went back on. We left after waiting in our car during the evacuation bc it continued to rain and lightning and we didn’t know they were going to perform. The lightning was so bad and so many were evacuated (including me and my husband who was on our first date night in 4 months). Is nothing going to be done or offered even a refund to us??? It’s no ones fault the weather was bad but as a business owner myself I would make sure people who paid were at least partially reimbursed for a show that they got evacuated from, simply because that would be the “right” thing to do.

    13. Cwalker2525 says:

      The July 24th concert was unfortunate. I understand, as many people have said, that the weather was nobody’s fault. The problem was that there was an hour between The John Butler Trio finishing, and the rain falling, and then another 15 or 20 mins before we were told “For the safety of the patrons and the venue, everyone on the lawn must evacuate and go back to your cars. We will let you know when the concert will start back” That hour and 15mins would have been ample time to atleast get 1 set in. There were ALOT of fans that came, and ALOT that left after sitting in their car for 45mins and never hearing if the show was back on, (the lightning never stopped, so how would we know he was back on?). I know that tours are grueling and that DMB has alot of shows to play, but something should be done. To me its not about the money (albeit it wasn’t pocket change), it’s about the show. This was my wife and I’s first opportunity to see Dave Live. I just hate, and it seems unjust, that we will have to wait another year in hopes to see him live. I will say, The John Butler Trio Crushed it. I wish more people had already come in when they played.

    14. I don’t know WHAT you guys are talking about with the “half the audience left” noise. That isn’t true at all. That place was still absolutely packed. The only thing I’m annoyed about is that the setlist was shortened. That’s the bad part. Come on guys. You’re not Justin Bieber fans. You’re supposed to be the modern set of dead-heads. A little rain never killed nobody.

    15. jrooney says:

      Although many of us think Dave is a “God”, he still cannot control the weather. My husband and I had lawn seats and we heard the announcement to evacuate to your car and that we would be notified when the concert was to resume. However, we took a CAB to the venue, so we did not have a car to evacuate to! We hung out with some very nice people at the restrooms and then the announcement was made to return to the lawn. Although it was still raining, the storm had passed and we returned to the lawn and we had a FABULOUS time! Dave and the band were awesome, as always. If you left the venue or if you did not have a good time….it is your own fault. It’s all about attitude people. You can choose to be miserable or you can choose to enjoy life! “Rain or shine,” as your ticket states…..we chose to enjoy life!

    16. Doug Embler says:

      Show was awesome. Two Step>Ants>Halloween??? Wow. Played for 30 minutes straight .

    17. First DMB concert for me. I had a great time despite the rain, but disappointed because he didn’t play that long and the whole thing seemed really disorganized.

    18. tmoore says:

      As another poster mentions, Live Nation compensated fans for a Jimmy Buffett show because it was muddy!!! I would think the same courtesy should be shown to lawn ticket holders who were issued a mandatory evacuation order for lightning. We waited in our car for about 30 minutes and there was no sign the storm was passing nor were there any people from Verizon coming around to let us know it was safe to come back in. Total ripoff.

    19. Lora Hester says:

      i had a covered seat so my friend and I were able to stay and wait without getting soaked or struck by lightening. But, I was very upset for all the fans that were treated like cattle and forced to leave and go to their cars. They had just barely found their spot on the lawn when they were told to leave…knowing it would be impossible to contact everyone when the show was about to begin. Not to mention there was only about 3 or 4 minutes between the announcement that the show was going to begin and the actual time Dave came out. Those few fans who heard the band and came back in stood in the rain, dripping wet from head to toe..in the mud. It was a bad storm..it should have been canceled and everyone should have received a refund. It was my 6th Dave Mathews concert and believe me…it was very hard to enjoy myself knowing so many people were mislead and uniformed. Never going to Charlotte again for any show. We drove up from Hilton Head Island which was a five hour drive one way. Live and learn!


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