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    May   22

    Austin360 Amphitheater

    Austin, Texas, US


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    Comments (4)

    1. Is March 22nd the day tickets open to public?

    2. Dr.D says:

      Since David Mathews started, I have always been a huge, loyal fan!!! I have always wanted to see him and his extremely talented band. May 22, 2013 in Austin Texas was my chance. I have to say, the lights, music, enthusiasm was intoxicating!!

      My understanding of a performer is to put on the best show possible for your fans. They pay $400 for 2 tickets and you do everything in your power to put on the best show possible. I think in doing so a performer would do the songs that have been hits in the past. Those are the songs, wether the performer likes it or not, are the reason why die hard fans developed an interest in said performer. So the short of it is this: yes I enjoyed the show; yes, I thought the band gave a great effort. No, David Mathews choose not to perform his largest hit of all time, “CRASH INTO ME”. This was extremely disappointing and I am no longer a fan. In fact, I was part of a large group (215 people) and getting together for the after party, all 215 people felt the same way and were crushed that “their” song was not performed. So David, you give us a song from the Gods that make us fall in love with your music/band and then deprive it from us when it can be shared in a very intimate way???? I still am crushed, and can’t understand. Lets say you hate performing that song, its only one song?? Are you performing for your fans who sustain you or are you performing for your own self-satisfaction?? I really don’t understand, its one song?? I would love a response. By the way, I am not some weird teeny bopper, I am a plastic surgeon for the last 13 years and very passionate for the arts. Dr. D

    3. ryanTgarner says:

      With all due respect Doctor, but this is definitely NOT a must play every night song for real fans.

      You got Crush, Say Goodbye, Don’t Drink the Water, Cry Freedom, Rhyme and Reason, Grey Street, Jimi Thing, AND Two Step — that’s a magically strong list of old material for the “huge, loyal fans”.

      Your big miss was #41 in my humble opinion, but, hey, that the’s beauty of a DMB show. The set list changes a little bit every night, something “huge, loyal fans” know well and a rare and beautiful thing in this day and age of over produced tours.

      Go see the next show, and you just may get your song. Or better yet, please don’t and save those 215 tickets for the real “huge, loyal” fans.

      And it’s Dave, not David.


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