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    Apr   28

    New Orleans Fair Grounds

    New Orleans, Louisiana, US


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    Comments (4)

    1. Qdog3113 says:

      What time on April 28th will DMB possibly be playing?? I don’t care to see anyone but Dave (my favorite singer in the world)!!!

    2. Does anyone know how i can seek permission from the DMB to use “The Proudest Monkey” that inspired me to write a novel about my father.. He essentially left Shreveport. Louisiana “a humble monkey “walking tall and singing and went to the ci-ty, car horns, corner,s and the git-ty”, entered WW1 (as encourage by W.E.B.Dubois) and how that war, coming home, to a country that didn’t even allow him to carry a rifle. ( the French did). The “Proudest Monkey” later lamented leaving the trees for the city. .

    3. Some.devil74 says:

      Yikes…a whole lot of info there…id have your publisher handle that. Shouldnt they have some interest in covering their behinds when publishing something violating copyright? I would think they would clear that sort of thing. But I could be wrong. I recommend doing a WHOLE LOT of research on that and becoming BFFs with that sort of info and process if you plan to write and publish a book. you shouldnt go into something like that blind as a bat. Maybe tweet boyd or stefan and ask them what they think if you plan to rely on social media to learn about it. Sounds interesting. I think every song tells a story for each of us.

    4. Some.devil74 says:

      DMB will be closing the weekend. They play last. Usually around the typical show time, 7PM. Check the jazz fest site. They may have the agenda published. If you wait until tje.last minute to get there you will be standing behind 80k other standing nancies amd you wont see a thing at minimum half mile from the stage ;) ill be there at the butt crack of dawn awaiting the opening of gates. After following the buses through the night from southaven, ill be napping until showtime once I secure my spot :)


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