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    Jun   27

    Susquehanna Bank Center

    Camden, New Jersey, US


    Opening Acts

    The Head and the Heart

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    1. MoonMan1973 says:

      I’m so glad I saw this show! It was a beautiful night for a concert! I almost didn’t go since I couldn’t find anybody to go with me. In fact I arrived late and unfortunately, missed the first four songs. When I arrived, they were in the middle of “Satellite” but I finally found my seat when they started playing a new song titled “If Only.” What a difference having a seat makes! I was in Section 203, Row S, and it was great. I was a lot closer and it was so much better than being out on the lawn.

      The show was awesome! I loved hearing “You Might Die Trying” and “You and Me” early on in the set. I thought the new songs they played were good, although for some reason, they didn’t seem very memorable to me. DMB played a brand new song for the first time live this evening which was titled “The Riff” and I liked it a lot.

      The show really picked up, however, when they played “Dancing Nancies,” in which Dave would sing, “Could I have been lost somewhere in Camden…” It was followed up with “Warehouse,” which are two of my favorite back-to-back songs they do. They still can do it! Dave and Boyd did their stage dancing and hoe-down during it. DMB have been playing those songs for over eighteen years now, and they still played it like they just wrote it yesterday! After “Warehouse”, Dave accidentally introduced Rashawn Ross “on the saxophone” before catching his mistake. He then introduced the other band members “on the xylophone,” except for Carter who was “on the marimba.” It was a special and hilarious moment.

      “Jimi Thing” jammed again with extra horn players and an electrifying guitar solo by Tim Reynolds. They ended the set with an incredible jamming version of “Two Step.” DMB rearranged it and it really rocked hard! It’s hard to believe they could make that song sound even better than before, but they did. I loved it!

      The encore was absolutely brilliant with “So Damn Lucky”, followed by a rocking “Halloween”, and then a hopping “Tripping Billies,” where I think Dave actually broke a guitar string and had to have the roadie bring him a new guitar in the middle of the song! It was a great ending! I was amazed and thrilled by their performance. DMB truly hasn’t missed a beat.


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