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    In Memory Of Sam Berns


    We are so sad to report that our good friend, Sam Berns, passed away on Friday, January 10, 2014. We thank Sam and his family for the profound impact he made upon our lives. His short and brave life will never be forgotten. Our hearts go out to Sam’s family during this sad time.

    Sam’s family started the Progeria Research Foundation, which is doing groundbreaking research and will hopefully put an end to this terrible disease. A movie, “Life According to Sam” premiered on HBO in October. Click here to watch the movie trailer.

    Sam also gave an inspiring TEDx Talk recently about his take on living a happy life. Click here to watch the video.

    Comments (13)

    1. Dee Everitt says:

      I’m just happy that he got to be friends with Dave, and that Dave showed him much love, and compassion during his young life. It’s heartbreaking to say the least, but what a ray of sunshine and hope this child brought into the world.

    2. Sam Berns gained enough wisdom in his 17 yrs with Progeria as tho he’d lived to 100. All who hear and heed his wisdom are better for it.

    3. Bella says:

      We here at TEDxCharlottesville are heartbroken over Sam’s passing. Our hearts, prayers and thoughts are with his parents Leslie and Scott. Leslie was one of our TEDxCharlottesville speakers and spoke about Sam’s shining life, his courage and light and their fight to find a cure for Progeria . I and my fellow TEDXCharlottesville organizers feel so privileged to have been able to honor his life and his parents journey. Much much love to Sam,Leslie and Scott.

    4. Ohhhh…….Sam. We love you. I need a word to say how I’m feeling…..I know you are with us, inside and all around us. Thank-you for your words of wisdom.

    5. Adele DeCaro says:

      I just watched Life according to Sam. He seemed like a great great person. I wish his family the best. Sam and Dave Matthew Band,I want you to know I am now your biggest fan. What the band did for San was beautiful!.

    6. Adele DeCaro says:

      I just watched Life according to Sam. He seemed like a great great person. I wish his family the best. Sam and Dave Matthew Band,I want you to know I am now your biggest fan. What the band did for Sam was beautiful!.

    7. Wiggiwiggi says:

      Thoughts and prayers go to Sam’s family and friends. What an inspiration for us all to live and love life no matter what is thrown at us. I too have a love for DMB that helps me daily to deal with my struggles. He is truly an angel now and will be missed.

    8. SandyNorrie says:

      I am so saddened to hear about the passing of the amazing Sam!! I have recently watch the HBO documentary and was totally in awe of that young mans spirit !!! Watching the way he grooved to your music made me smile smile smile!!! It also made me reconnect with your music!!! You and your band were lucky to have been part of such an incredible young mans life and he was so lucky to have been a part of yours!! Keep rockin guys!!! Sandy from Vancouver

    9. LilyB says:

      I was lucky enough to have taught Sam when he was a preschooler and everything he became was obvious back then…. He was bright, verbal, kind, compassionate, curious, eager to learn, inspiring, positive and even as a four year old knew which baseball team to cheer for-”the Red Sox and any team playing the Yankees!” The world lost a shining star this past week-he will be missed by so many people. My heart goes out to his wonderful parents as well as his extended family. Hopefully in time memories will ease the pain and loneliness. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who had the pleasure of knowing Sam.

    10. Ryan Morelli says:

      Been a fan since 93. All you need to do is PAY ATTENTION to the words of his songs and you’ll learn a lot about the kind of person he is and it’s clear his heart is massive. I’m no star struck fan, I’m just awed by his kindness and knowledge of the inner workings of the world…..his talents, well that goes without saying. Dave you really are something special.

    11. reba2644 says:

      I posted earlier that we have lost a greater man that would have been more important to our future than Abraham Lincoln was to our past. I believe that in that way the does not diminish the contribution of a great man who paved the way for some, but in the way that a greater many would have paved the way for the few who needed it the most. I was not blessed with his friendship, only his passed on wisdom. But that will take me much farther than if I had never heard his words before. I am grateful.

    12. Rose Sariol says:

      Sam lived in the town next to me. He was a big impact on the community. A friend of mine’s Son was close to Sam. They had parties at each other’s homes. All the kids got together and Celebrated his life. I never personally met Sam, but saw all his inspirational speeches and documentaries on Progeria. He was definitely a young spirited soul, who has made an impact in this world. Thanks Dave and members for making this disease known and helping with the research. You Guys Rock, Just as Sam did :)

    13. bills says:

      Dave Matthews Band, Please write a short song for Sam and play it only in his home state. A short song for a short life.


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