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    Happy Birthday Dave!


    Please join us in wishing Dave Matthews a very happy birthday!

    Comments (19)

    1. kims22 says:

      Have a fantastic Bday dave!

    2. hcrawley3 says:

      Happy Birthday Dave!!

    3. bellaruv says:

      Happy Birthday and BEST WISHES, from your biggest fan in Austin, TX!! ~Isabel =)

    4. camiel76 says:

      Happy Birthday Dave Matthews!!
      See you in Europe in 2014 :)

    5. worcleiram says:

      Happy Birthday to my favorite musician on earth, who has written so many beautiful songs that I totally connect with and understand. Thank you to Dave Matthew’s mom for having him on this day 47 years ago.
      Your son is meant to bring love into our lives thru his music.
      Always and forever a fan…Mariel.

    6. lucycuse says:

      I am a new fan and I think your music is AMAZING…the one band my 19 year old and I can agree on!
      Happy Birthday, Dave!

    7. Happy Birthday to the best composer alive. Forever a fan.

    8. A very Happy Birthday to you Dave!! Love! Love! Love U!! Keep Lovin/Keep Livin : )

    9. gettingitright says:

      Happy Birthday Dave!! Just want to let you know you are “Getting it Right”.. Keep on keeping it on!!

    10. Nomiec1 says:

      Happy Birthday Dave! We share the same birthday!

    11. Jesglori11 says:

      Happy Birthday Dave! You’re wonderful! I hope you’ve enjoyed your day :)

    12. gailburack says:

      Happy Birthday Dave.!!!!!! Thank you for being the greatest songwriter ever ! I can connect with you on so many levels and ways. I guess that’s because we are both capricorns…….. Lots of love

    13. lizacope@gmail.com says:

      Happy Birthday Dave!

    14. thedreamingtree12 says:

      Happy Birthday Dave! Eat, drink and be merry!

    15. Happy Birthday Dave! Thank You Dave’s Mom..what a present you gave to all of us!

    16. Have a wonderful birthday! I hope its your best year ever. Thank you for being incredible. ♥

    17. Pangrelor says:

      A very happy one :) Any chance to see you guys in Hungary? I wish :)

    18. Happy Birthday Dave! I think I saw you at the Academy of Sciences yesterday near the tarantulas! I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!


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