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    Away From The World Debuts at #1

    AFTW News

    We would like to thank all the fans who helped Away From The World debut at number 1 on the Billboard top 200. Away From The World also marks a new milestone for Dave Matthews Band in that we are the first group in chart history to have six consecutive studio albums debut at #1 on the Billboard 200.

    Comments (14)

    1. wildbikegurl says:

      I just love you guys!! And this new album – every song is fantastic (but then again, they always are right?) Thank you so much for being such a positive light in this world and for your wonderful sounds/music/words. Much gratitude from a devote fan – Shon Elmer

    2. bamalama says:

      And without heavy FM radio rotation!

      Nice work, boys.

    3. Congratulations from Germany! Your music is fantastic! I saw you at The Gorge, it was great, the best I have ever seen! Without you, my world is not half as nice. Mandy

    4. Username says:

      16 yrs now I’ve been touring with these guys.

      Amazing accomplishment!

      Go DMB! Go Music!

    5. I’m not surprised…A lot of good music out there, but nothing that ever comes close to DMB. Hoping for a European tour like the one made in 2010. Greetings from Sweden!

    6. Congratulations guys on this wonderful CD and for Making #1 in the Billboard top 200. I hope the fact that I purchased three deluxe sets helped!!! This CD is filled with hope and love. I wish you all of the best and can’t wait to see you again in NYC. Hope you decide to come back this fall. All the best, my “Warriors of Rock ‘n Roll”!!!

    7. The beauty and energy in your music delights and enviro rates! namaste…

    8. The beauty and energy saturated in your lyrical prose delights and invigorates…there…I’ve said it…namaste!

    9. AmericangirlKim says:

      I never had a doubt it would be #1, love ALL the music you put out!! Thx <3

    10. Username says:

      Congratulations from our family to yours! The Heindels, including 3 generations, are all big fans of dMb and see as many shows as we can each summer. We can’t get enough! Away From The World is fantastic and we’re enjoying exploring every song. Thanks for giving us so much joy!

    11. Dmblover says:

      Every song is a prayer- an anthem that resonates in my soul.

      Keep making amazing music that just plain rocks my world!
      Love to all!

    12. Way to go guys. I really love the album and all songs are great. This is definitely one of your greatest albums and now wonder each one of your previous albums have debuted at #1.

      This is a great band and you guys rock (literally). So keep it up.

      Peace and Love.


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