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    Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour Dates Announced

    14SummerTourAnnounce_170x170 News

    Summer Tour Dates are posted! “A Very Special Evening with Dave Matthews Band” will feature the group delivering two sets at each show. The band will perform together in numerous electric and acoustic configurations featuring the entire band in a reinvention of the traditional DMB summer evening. The online presale for the Warehouse fan association Begins Thursday, January 16 at 10 am ET. Tickets go on sale to the public beginning Friday, February 7. Check out the full list of tour dates here.

    Benefits of Warehouse membership include opportunities to purchase Premium Ticket Packages and opportunities for ticket upgrades, meet and greets and early entrance into shows where available. Click here to join the Warehouse.

    Comments (33)

    1. meghan.mueller17 says:

      i can’t believe there isn’t a stop at Alpine :( DAVE HOW COULD YOU?! my summer will not be the same & summerfest definitely won’t make up for it..

    2. Bob West says:

      I think live nation trying to faze out alpine they spent a lot of money expanding the lawn so they can sell 30k tickets there

    3. lishmarie says:

      Warehouse link is not working :(

    4. Alpine people… new thing called traveling to see Dave. Check it out

    5. Colette Coe says:

      @least the DMB is still touring…you’ll be missing these days instead of Enjoying what, where and how the DMB can share their LoVE of Music with us! SAD

    6. Abby Morey says:

      Yeeeeahya! See you at DTE! And hopefully Chicago!

    7. So excited!!! See you in Jachsonville and West Palm!!!! Thank you!!!

    8. No Hershey, Pa? The concert in Hershey is always on my list. Southern Pa will be so disappointed. :-(

    9. drivein72 says:

      Try new venues people!! Life is about MULTIPLE experiences. haha.

    10. drivein72 says:

      Of course…I COULD be a little bias having the Gorge in my backyard. lol.

    11. So stoked about ATLANTA!! And better yet it’s on Saturday!! I traveled from Atlanta to Camden NJ last year. Worth the trip!!!

    12. Jacob Simich says:

      Summerfest!? Really? DMB is known for their crazy weekend at Alpine! Now they gotta play at shit hole Summerfest on a Wednesday night where you can’t even pregame/tailgate for 3-4 hours in the parking lot before going into the venue. This is bullshit.

    13. Looks like a weekend trip to Chicago is in my future! I will miss seeing them at Alpine this year but all is well with heading down to Chicago and I may even deal with the Summerfest garbage to see him an extra time!

    14. Mell says:

      It’s been four years since they played in Europe for the last time…
      Why won’t they play in Europe again????

    15. MonkeyBoy says:

      Wow people, get over it. I travel all over the United States to see this band.

    16. KaP says:

      Oh we’ll travel to see them…. But really Summerfest over Alpine?? Major disapointment here.

    17. Damn I’m bummed about alpine…for those of you saying just get over it and travel, you obviously don’t understand how awesome alpine is and how shitty the marcus amphitheater is plus not being able to tailgate, never thought i’d be seeing dave at summerfest

    18. lorisdawn says:

      anybody able to get tix.. i’m on and the link won’t open. i’m stoked to get my tix today!

    19. Todd Bauerle says:

      Wow. Western states are left out, eh? No way I can make the trip from Utah to anywhere. I hope more dates are posted.

    20. mondocom says:

      Boo for no Alpine. I travel to numerous venues every year but nothing beats the Alpine experience. Disappointed in you DMB Mgmt.. The venue already has few shows each year and now you’re tours are owned by Live Nation, you have no say anymore. You’ve sealed the fate of Alpine Valley.

    21. Packfan1975 says:

      NO ALPINE!! Not cool at all. I thought that Alpine was one of your favorite places to play??? I’d rather see you guys at Alpine instead of Summer Fest… I always look forward to July because you know DMB is coming. You have played there every year since 1999 except 2 times. This SUCKS!!!

    22. Longtimefire says:

      Very Glad to see that this band continues to give it`s Fans a summer of outstanding Shows and Excitement ! Please get out there this Spring/Summer and catch as many of these shows as possible. God Bless This Band, and yes even Live Nation, and all the other Ladies and Gentlemen that make these events possible! Lightning,Sound,Food,and let`s not forget ” Roadshow”…Flawless work from that crew..each and every Year! Stay Warm Y`all..( Don`t let the Polar Vortex getcha.! ) Peace n Love ;)

    23. Liliana says:

      Hi!! Are you guys planning an European tour?? I am a real fan of your music since I was living in Oregon (1996-1997) but I have never had de possibility to enjoy one of your shows… Why don’t you come to Spain? please!! I love you all!

    24. traveling to see this great band is a must do every summer!!!!! Just saw him in New Orleans, killed 2 birds with 1 trip. I saw Dave and Tim and the beautiful city of New Orleans!! If he’s not going to your town come to ours, west palm beach!! @ great nights of music and fun!!!!

    25. jobfutures says:

      i live in australia and have never had the privilege of seeing DMB,
      some people should lighten up! give you a break.
      please come to australia again soon!
      i started a demand for you to come,
      i need to see you live
      big fan brendan b-crowley@hotmail.com

    26. Blaine Mota says:

      Traveling from Boston to Washington this August to see the band perform at the Gorge…..FINALLY!!!

    27. krisjay says:

      Don’t mind if I don’t join the Warehouse, I tried that once, never got my membership package, tried several emails and such, but all I kept getting was a promise to look into it. Sadly I never got anything for my money. Looking forward to the tour.

    28. I got my tickets confirmed through the Warehouse Fan Club for Dallas TX show on 5/17!! Love the perks!!

    29. Jaime Hollier says:

      OH YEA !!!! first stop H-TOWN BABY !!!!!!! See ya May 16th

    30. Reggie Jump says:

      WTF Dave its been years since you’ve been to KC. It hasn’t been that big of a deal since you came close with shows in MO and CO but this year you aren’t even doing a show in CO or MO come on now! No CO show what the F Dave what the F. We in Kansas City really really want you to come back and play sandstone its been to long! Please come back to Kansas! Love the KC faithful! #chiefskingdome

    31. Kamil Gruba says:

      When in Europe ? Waiting so long. Greetings from Poland!


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